Clockheart Boy — C Chambers Street, Edinburgh


This intriguing piece of theatre, devised by director Mike Davis and the company and written by Sam Gayton centres on the life of Phillipe and his wife Ava.

Due to a silk crisis Phillipe is persuaded by Delgardino, the local market owner to venture far a field to obtain a new supply of silk worm eggs. Leaving new bride Ava behind, he sallies forth and suffering many trials and tribulations eventually returns. This journey is repeated leading him into temptation, but is he man enough to resist?

This story is narrated by most of the cast dressed as silk worm eggs and using live music, physical theatre skills together with audience interaction the cast relate the story over the course of the 70 minutes that the show runs.

While applauding new innovative theatre , I felt staging this piece in the round does it a disservice, as occasionally, dependant on where one was seated some of the action was lost. However, it was interesting and well performed and there is far, far worse out there this Fringe.