British Theatre Guide


Clockheart Boy -- C Chambers Street, Edinburgh
8/08 Catherine Lamm

To say that this is a children’s show or even a family show is grossly inaccurate. The majority of the audience was adult. Clockheart Boy speaks in a universal language.

The professor has lost his daughter. His friends, who take on names that illuminate their position in the household such as “Peepers” who is the eyes of the group and “Brolly” who has a functioning umbrella on his helmet, spend years helping “The Professor” look for his lost daughter. Everyone has a job. Amazingly, at one point, they band together to form a telescope.

Although this fable or parable has the look and feel of a children’s show, it is very maturely written by Sam Gayon, directed by Hester Bond and Nicola Cutcher, and devised and performed by a company of 12 or 13 performers from Dumbshow/Top of the World ; the joy ever present. Music composed and performed by Rollo Clarke is perfect, it helps move the plot along and never get in the way or draws attention to itself.

This is warm and fuzzy theatre at its best; simple and sound.