To The End of The World

In 2007 Dumbshow donated all profits from To The End of The World to ActionAid. We are proud that we gifted over £4000 to the charity. Thank you very much to everyone who came to see us!

As Dumbshow weaved its magic on the Royal Mile everyday, good word-of-mouth spread. Every performance saw the audience expanding until we were selling out every performance. We performed in C Soco every day at 3:45pm. We received a wonderful audience response and consistently excellent reviews. We were featured on the front page of The Scotsman as a Hot Show and Mark Radcliffe reviewed the show on BBC Radio 2 and interviewed the company. Even Richard and Judy featured us pitching our show on the Royal Mile. We couldn’t have hoped for a better fringe debut.


When the prosperity of Sous L’Eglise is threatened, fruit seller Philippe Sidel is sent on a journey across the globe to the furthest reaches of the world. His wife Ava remains at home and continues to lead an uncomplicated life of simple routines and small pleasures.

Meanwhile Philippe’s encounters with an enigmatic merchant and his seductive courtesan weave into a love story filled with trains, dramatic shipwrecks, migrating geese, war and coffee on a sunday.

A story of seduction and love, as Philippe suddenly finds himself on the edge of the map. Will he turn back or throw himself off?

What They Said

“their joy in what they’re doing is a powerful antidote to anyone grown cynical about the Fringe.” — The Scotsman

“…breathtaking” — BroadwayBaby

“Beautifully, colourfully staged” — Three Weeks

“Fabulous … so visually inventive … I urge anybody that gets a chance to see it to do so” — Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2