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Kingston hears our ROAR

July 18, 2011

We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who came along to see our Edinburgh previews for Fringe show Roar at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. We’ve got some amazing photos up on our Facebook and Flickr accounts now – those raucous woman, rampant judges and riotous rebels are looking pretty bloody […]

Holby has a new star…

July 18, 2011

We are super excited about Holby City right now, mainly because our very own Dumbshow-er Fiona Hampton will be appearing as Dr. Lulu Hutchinson from July 26th on the prime time drama and will be appearing for eight episodes. Of course, Fiona fans will be able to catch her starring as the riotous Moll Cutpurse in […]

The Blog is Back!

June 5, 2011

Spring 2011 is well underway and already it’s been a busy year for Dumbshow. Our productivity levels have been soaring and so to celebrate, we’ve resurrected the blog! Indeed, the creative juices have been flowing and we have two brand new shows in the making… Roar is a lusty tale of 17th century London – […]

Join us for a better future, better pancakes and a highland fling

February 14, 2010

Hello Dumb Dumbs. Did you know Dumbshow Theatre is made up of a whole menagerie of interesting peeps and people? Well comrades it is true, we have teachers, we have Dr’s, we have MA’s coming out of our ears, we have charitable volunteers, we have journalists, we have budding politicians, and we have Nicola Cutcher…… […]

The morning after the 5 years before……

January 25, 2010

and for once I am not hungover! Good ‘morrow mon petit pois and Happy Burns Night ( I am half scottish and I got a D for GCSE French!) Dumbshow has awoken from a little nap, and like Medusa we have many heads writhing and riggling towards bright young things. Philippe Sidel lives on without […]

First Blog Post

January 22, 2010

Wahey! The blog is up and running. Most things have to start somewhere, blogs are not an exception of that generalisation, thus blogs have to start somewhere. And then this is it. This is the beginning of whatever it will be.