Join us for a better future, better pancakes and a highland fling

February 14th, 20103:40 pm @


Hello Dumb Dumbs.

Did you know Dumbshow Theatre is made up of a whole menagerie of interesting peeps and people? Well comrades it is true, we have teachers, we have Dr’s, we have MA’s coming out of our ears, we have charitable volunteers, we have journalists, we have budding politicians, and we have Nicola Cutcher…… our strengths lie in our variety, our life is full of spice.

Dumbshow has recently been convinced by West London Greenpeace to join AIRPLOT: a campaign to stop a pointless 3rd runway being built at Heathrow. Join us in planting orchards, allotments and an impenetrable fortress. Hey, why not adopt a small piece of land yourself?

The grapevine is ripe with news, and I am pleased to report that last Sunday Dumbshow came together, like the power rangers and began piecing together the puzzle of the next year. We laughed, we cried, we croaked. We played ultra ball, we debated maternity leave, we read through a BRAND NEW ORIGINAL SAM GAYTON ADAPTATION OF ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS STORIES OF ALL TIME BUT I CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT IT IS, NO, I CAN’T, WELL OK …. it is a piece all about Susan Kennedy’s childhood. Not really. You will be so excited when you hear. But you will have to wait.

We also met our new designer, Fly, who wowed us with her Picasso etchings and mood boards.

To end this perfect day, we sang perfect day by Loo Reid, before splitting up into teams and performing the most extraordinary versions of Aladdin and Oliver on a 2 ft square stage.

On a seperate note I have seen many films of late; and here is my quick review.

Precious- Can’t understand what she is saying
Hurtlocker – good
Invictus- Nelson Mandela was not American Morgan
Brothers- Good looking

Jack Cole