The morning after the 5 years before……

January 25th, 20109:48 pm @


and for once I am not hungover!

Good ‘morrow mon petit pois and Happy Burns Night ( I am half scottish and I got a D for GCSE French!)

Dumbshow has awoken from a little nap, and like Medusa we have many heads writhing and riggling towards bright young things.

Philippe Sidel lives on without his beloved Ava, but he found Solace in Maria’s bosom. Ban Chao led his people to Japan where he is developing a Dyson Unbrella, and Delgadino sadly is still chasing the dragon.

If we jump off the end of the world we land in the basement. The professor still stands where you saw him last, crumbling like a piece of chalk and his tribe of automatons never came back.

One day soon we shall step back onto the map, and the bulb shall cast shadows once more. Both To The End Of The World and Clockheart Boy remain signature pieces of the company, and just like one can return to Narnia via a different gateway,so we will return to both these shows but perhaps in slightly different guises, and as Maria always said, ‘give a woman an inch she will hapily take 9′.

But of course we must look forwards. Like Aslan, Dumbshow is on the move ( I am so sorry about all the Narnia references, but we are being sponsored by CS Lewis). Please do keep an eye on the blog, twitter and facebook, because we will have great news soon (och aye) about our big three (like the Holy Trinity, only better and with no cannibalism) projects coming up in the next 18 months. However there are some smaller bits and bobs in the pipe line (think Denise Nielson) which could spring-up at any moment, so as Maria says ‘keep one eye open, if only a brown one’.

Until next time (which will probably be next week),